Meet our living room wall. It is screaming for sprucing up...

The space is big, but the molding on the walls makes for a decorating challenge. I decided to buy frames to create symmetry instead of trying to force symmetry with our current collection of picture frames. On our last trip to Ikea I scouted these 20x20 square frames, with matting for a 12x12 photo, 17.00 each and 146.00 well spent.

"I'll take 8 please"
 First square done...
Believe me when I say, the wall underneath these frames is not pretty! My mom taught me how to hang pictures...First, hang the frame. Second, stand back and look at it. Third, if you don't like it say the F word and try again. Repeat this process until you get it right.

Looks pretty good, thanks Mom...
The hiccup in my mission occurred when I attempted to order 12x12 prints. At 22.00 a pop, I wasn't willing to shell out over 175.00 (including shipping) more for family photos. So, I ran to Michael's and picked out 8 pieces of scrapbook paper at .59 a pop for a grand total of  5.07.

Eventually, the frames will be filled with family memories, but for now I love it!


  1. ohhhh and even putting an old b/w photo of an old, old relative (dig at your mom's, i found photo treasures galore at my mom's) would look sucter cutie centered in the middle on some of the 'vintage tapestry/wallpaper' looking paper.

  2. So pretty. Are you available for hire, Mrs. Lovely?

  3. Crafty Nik!! Love it.

  4. I need you to move closer to me NOW. I have trouble just picking out a candle.