Do It Ourselves

There are a million things I would like to buy for our house. Unfortunately, we can't afford a million things or much of anything until we replace our 1976 refrigerator, chip in 970.00 for the new road in our neighborhood (we found out yesterday...welcome to the neighborhood!) and catch up from our latest trip to the Caribbean. Just when I thought I would have to practice my patience more than I would ever care to, my friend, Amanda, in casual conversation told me about this website she loves to visit. She became the sunshine of my day! The website boasts free plans on how to make popular decorator store furniture.

Wait, it gets better...I had been eyeing this media cabinet from Pottery Barn since we moved in. Take a look at more pics at the PB site. You might also notice the price tag of 899.00-on sale, not including shipping. Not going to happen in the Lovely household.

We visited the website, together, and I saw this. (imagine my hands raised, eyes tilted to the sky, singing Laaaaaa in a high pitched voice)

No kidding, can you even stinkin' believe it? Plus, take a look at the plans on how to build it. Step by step, what to buy, the cuts, the dimensions, the cost estimate: 100-150.00, etc. etc., everything Henry needs to know to build our new media cabinet. (I plan on telling Henry soon:)

Check out the website, the table you love, but can't afford might be more attainable than you think! http://www.ana-white.com/.

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  1. I love this website! Thanks for sharing. If only the website would tell you how to get a handy man to make all of this stuff!