Dogsled Races

I am starting to get a little paranoid that my faithful readers think I hole up in the house all weekend and work on home improvements...I wish;)

This weekend we caught some of the John Beargrease Dogsled Races right in the heart of Duluth. It's an amazing sport packed full of the local culture.
Henry even captured a short video to share.
The dogs have amazing focus and I love watching them run by with their tongues flapping around, like they are really enjoying themselves. If the dogs could talk, this is what I think they would say..."Man, I could really use some jerky" and "It would be great if we could just stop for a second so I can wipe the snot off my cheek" and "Can I please be in front for a while? It stinks back here."

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  1. I assume this was preparation for entering next year with Stella in the lead?