All mine!

I wanted to put some homey touches on our bedroom, but didn't want to spend any money. That's possible right? Check it out...(warning, it's a little disturbing how much "stuff" we moved from our condo,  'just in case')...
The befores

The disturbing part:
 A dozen black and gold frames hauled up from the basement
 What a difference a few wall decorations can accomplish:

 You may have noticed some of the family portraits are upside down and sideways. I say "who cares!" Who wants their family's eyes watching them change out of their pajamas anyways.

I filled the frames with fabric:


 The icing on the cake
My beloved pineapple curtain holder-backer (is there an official word for such a device?) and a gold curtain panel I already owned, can you even believe it? 

I must mention that I still want to paint the room, make a headboard, figure out what to do with the opposite window with a radiator underneath it and scrounge up some bedside tables. For now, picture me patting myself on the back, a good start for $0.00.

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