Bright Entrance

Light fixtures are important to me. Of course we are not going to spend a bundle on light fixtures for every closet, bedroom and hallway, but the entrance to our home certainly deserves some special treatment. It is the place where we welcome all our guests!

Our old light fixture in the midst of getting the boot...

The former owner's loved loved loved gold. Gold light fixtures, gold cabinet hardware, gold faucets, towel racks, shower heads, etc. etc. etc. Yikes! So, we are trying to mix it up a little.

Ahhh, sleek, modern and just 30.00 from Ikea.

PS Who doesn't have a wooden fish on top of their door frame?


  1. No fish. I have a horse shoe.

    LOVE the new fixture.

  2. i have a horse shoe too!!! for luck! is the fish of significance? i love the light. feels a bit nautical...which is perf in your neck of the woods. xoxo.