Media Cabinet Monday!

The media cabinet is dunzzo, finished, complete!

Henry finished this big bad piece of furniture like a champion. He measured and cut and nailed and sanded and cut and sanded and screwed and painted and stained his heart out! The result is flawless!

The Photographed Story...

The details:
Pottery Barn's Media Cabinet: $1147.63 on sale (including shipping and taxes)
The Lovely's Media Cabinet: $257.00
Wood- 146.00
2 Hinges for Center Doors- 11.74
Screws- 9.00
Wood Glue- 6.00
16 Knobs (confession: my knobs turned out ug!)- 32.00
Stain for the top- 11.00
Wheels: 13.76 (we added wheels so we could move it against the wall...or anywhere we want:)
Plus Tax!

Thanks to ana-white.com!

We are so pleased with the results and the price...."Pottery Barn eat your heart out!"


  1. Props to Henry, I am super impressed by the speed and craftsmanship. What's next on the list?

  2. LOVE IT! Very impressive, Henry! Handy man + decorating diva = the LOVELYS!

  3. It looks GREAT and fits your house so well!! Mucho impressive Henry!

  4. Came out so well! And I think adding the casters was genius =)

  5. wow! i am super impressed. Can we borrow henry to make one for us too?