Media Center Knobs

Who's getting excited to see the media center? We certainly did not foresee the amount of time it would take to build our new media center, but you heard it here...it is almost done. While Henry kept busy...

Now in our living room, because the media center would no longer make it up the basement stairs if it was fully put together. Stella's job was to supervise and my job was to get the knobs-16 knobs to be exact.

Knobs can be spendy...
Have I made it clear how I feel about the hardware in our kitchen?
I dislike it so much that I would rather live without it.
and spray paint is only 3.99  a can...
I used skewers to prop them up and stuck them in a cardboard box. 16 glossy white knobs coming up!

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  1. If you guys ever need to borrow some Drill Bits, dont forget I have a few to spare!! The house is looking Beautiful!