Photos by a Pro

I get a local daily deal in my inbox and most days I press delete, but sometimes I press purchase. The Seize the Deal site takes the money right out of my checking account. Poof, Magic!

Right before Oscar's Birthday, BabyB Photography offered a half off deal. For 50 bucks I get the photo shoot and a disc of all the photos. Considering my last photography deal, turned out to not be such a great deal. The pics were great but we had to sell one of Henry's kidneys to purchase the prints, I knew that this was a for real deal.

Here are some of my faves of Oscar and his cousins, Caraline and Victoria.

BabyB  certainly captured our little people's spirits. The photographer was sweet and attentive and best of all chill, which we always appreciate. Although the deal is over, she still offers really reasonable prices and is willing to fork over the pics without a fat stack of cash.

Sometimes it's best to leave it the professionals!

P.S. The cute props belong to me, I'd hate to give her all of the credit! 

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