Oregon Favorites

We love living in Duluth. We love Lake Superior, the beautiful autumn colors, the historical homes, and all the outdoor opportunities. Those are the things that we would miss the most if we didn't live here, oh and our friends.

Here are some of the things that we miss the most about Oregon (umm, besides family:).

The coast! We love the coast! Even when the weather is crap, which is often, we love the coast!
The abundance of fresh food and flowers. Oh the freshness.
Favorite Food Stops. I love the food carts with all of my heart. Good quality, affordable and easy access. If it were legal to marry a food cart, I would, and Voodoo Donuts would be my bridesmaids.

For those of you who have never traveled to Oregon, you should! Here are three things every tourist should know...
1. You can't pump your own gas. That's right, it's illegal. Just stick your plastic card out the window and rest your eyes.
2. No sales tax! Thinking about buying an RV? Do it in Oregon.
3. You can pick blackberries by the wheelbarrow full for free on the side of the roads. They are everywhere and they are delicious!

Safe travels!

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