Family Photo Year 2

Last year we hired a photographer to take 3 month photos of Oscar. We could only muster up enough cash for 2 prints. I had no idea how much the pros charge for the prints, holy cats!

We ordered this 5x7 of the little dude (I stole this image off of the photographers website with the gold ol' PrtScn button and I don't feel guilty.)
I sweet talked Henry into selling an internal organ for this 16x20 print of our family. I didn't even get a chance to steal a digital copy of this photo, so Oscar better love this print long after we are gone.

October 2011

We thought it would be fun to take a pic in the same spot this year.

October 2012

I love seeing the side-by-side comparison of how our family has changed over the past year. 


  1. always thought it would be cool to take a pic in the same spot year after year, but never did it -- no surprise you accomplished it. It's a great pic!!

  2. Such a darling family, Nikki! I love the connection you can see between Stella and Oscar. Best buds... PS: My new scarf is adorable. I wore it yesterday and got lots of compliments.