Belated Blogiversary

My 2nd Blogiversary came and went on October 20th. Where is my blogging spirit? Tonight I am going to go home and rack my brain all night for a blogging party favor giveaway, I might even have a hard time falling asleep. Any suggestions? Anything you've seen on my blog that you are dying to get your hands on? 

Here are some Lovely Residence Blog Facts comparing year 1 to year 2:

1st Blogiversary

  • 42,408 page views
  • Most Viewed: You're a Star, 7,323 page views
  • Most comments: Big Back Splash, 28 comments
  • Entry most stumbled upon: Shrunken Light Head, people google 'Beetlejuice Shrunken Head' and they are sent to my blog. Funny, huh?
  • Top 3 visiting countries outside the USA...United Kingdom, Australia, Canada

2nd Blogiversary plus 3 days
  • 147,682 page views
  • Most Viewed: You're a Star, 52,120 page views
  • Most Comments: Big Back Splash, 40 comments
  • Entry most stumbled upon: Let's Face it People Still love Beetlejuice, Shrunken Light Head
  • Top 3 visiting countries outside the USA...Canada, United Kingdom, Poland
Clearly, blog readers have their faves. Along with my party favor announcement tomorrow, I will also share my all time favorite posts. Oooh, fun times!

P.S. I honestly couldn't find one new picture to share. 

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