7 weeks later

The girls have been home for nearly 4 weeks already. Which means I haven't been outside in nearly 4 weeks, unless you count my exposed left forearm reaching for the mail, truly a highlight of my days. Thanks for all of the holiday cards!

The girls are really good eaters, poopers and snugglers. Oscar is a patient, sweet and curious big brother. He is always willing to take a stab at who is who- at least he knows there is two of them. Yesterday he asked me if he could put his finger in Rosemary's ear. I said, no. That pretty much sums up the last month in the Lovely's household.

I am proud to report that we have been keeping up on the weekly photo. 

 This is the part where you can take a stab at who is who...
I adjusted the number on their onesies to accurately represent their age from the last time I posted.

As for an update on household projects, a case of toilet paper I ordered from Amazon arrived on the doorstep today...Whoop! Whoop! Now that's good times.


  1. i am cracking up about your tp delivery!!! now, that is major! i see they are off monitors at week 7??? that is wonderful! love to you all. cannot wait to catch up soon. do you think we can sneak away and go junking somewhere fun in 5 years???

  2. I'm guessing that Eleanor is on the left. Her pictures look like Oscar, from what I remember! (I swear I'm not a stalker, just enjoy your blog :) ) Glad everyone seems happy!