Week One

We documented the first year of Oscar's life and we are going to do it for the girls, darn it. They were in the hospital for the first three weeks, so we are starting their 52 week collage from the time that we brought them home, where they belong!!

Miss Eleanor
Miss Rosemary
Eleanor and Rosemary
Oscar's first week at home.
At the end of 52 weeks we will have neatly packaged reminders of how quickly time marches on. 
 One week down, 51 to go. Fingers crossed.


  1. You've got this! Plus, Eleanor's pic looks like she's riding a Roller-Coaster. She LOVES life!

  2. Wait...I meant Rosemary. I doubt this will be the last time I mess that up. Sorry!

  3. Congratulations ~ lovely names for two beautiful little girls. And Rosemary does look like she is riding a coaster! Merry Christmas!