House Hunters Duluth

We are in the first stages of the house hunt. I love gettin' inside people's houses and snooping around, you know, just the basics. I have never rifled through anyone's panty drawer. Being inside beats driving around at night hoping people's shades are up and lights are on.

Even more exciting is the idea of buying a house and taping for HGTV's House Hunters. That's right, I applied! First we need to purchase our new place and then we need to send a video. Henry is luke warm about the idea and suggested that between the two of us, I will have to be the personality....ummm, obvious!

As we have only just started the hunt for our perfect place, here are our top three contenders (in no particular order)...

Can you imagine it through all the trees?
This is the kind of place I imagined we would live when we started throwing around the idea of house hunting.

You may recognize this house from my first post.
The layout is fantastic.
One step inside the door and you might expect to see Alice in the kitchen and Greg smoking pot in the den. This house may inspire us me to chage our last name to Brady.

We are kind of addicted to houses built in the 50s.
I would paint the shit out of the exterior. I think they were trying to make it blend into the woods.
Does it remind you of a tree? Anyone?
Here's to the hunt!


  1. Exciting! We are right there with you - a dog and her humans living entirely too snugly and dreaming of luxuries like coat closets and a guest room. From the curb, I vote for house #1, but I'm a sucker for shutters. Paint the front door red!

  2. "House #3! Pick house #3!" is what I will be yelling at the TV when your HH episode airs. Honestly, I like house 3. Something about all those windows makes me think the inside has tons of potential. BTW...Love the blog, Mrs. Lovely. It makes me smile. (Except the worm picture. That made me gag.) And I need something to replace Nicole's blog since she never posts anymore (hint hint, Nicole!).