Pictures and Paint Accents

I think, painting our house's guts turned out to be the best thing we have done to date. The color is fresh and clean and more Lovely like. I added some finishing touches to go with the big paint job last weekend.

The befores. These are the before befores, like 'we were touring the house as interested buyers befores.'
Prepping for the painted accents, and a little reminder of the gallery wall before.

The linen closet accent:

The landing window accent:

The gallery wall is back:
Once again, I measured my little heart out. Those diamonds are not from a stencil people, I used a good old fashion ruler and pencil. I painted the gray on with a stiff bristle brush. The paint looks a little worn, and I like it like that. The gallery wall went back up as fast as it came down. Henry left the nail holes in the wall and Oscar and I delivered the frames while referring to a past blog post. There was the potential that I could have ended up on the landing have a gallery wall temper tantrum. Phew, thank goodness I started this silly blog.

P.S. Teaser Alert: Tomorrow morning I have a meeting at Duluth Sheet Metal!?

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