Our back entryway is teeny tiny, I think it is a safe to compare it to a mouse maze. The double doors go into our sun room, that we don't heat, because we are using it as a holding place for all of our junk, so there is no chance that we can keep them open.
To better illustrate the size...5 tiles wide. Sure a person fits fine. Add a pile of shoes and boots or try to get in the door with an armload of groceries and things get ugly- fast. Don't even think about putting the trash by the door, nobody will ever get out.
Adding hooks or shelves is kind of out of the question, ugh, I can't even imagine the chaos. So, I decided to give the space a little boost with paint. I was inspired by this sign I saw in Country Living Magazine.
I created my own ONE WAY Sign in the back hallway. That's right Home Slices, I became a measuring sensation over night. Who knew I had it in me.
After I got done measuring out my masterpiece, I added the tape, and was likin' what I was seein'.

With a foam brush I painted navy blue inside the lines, elementary school style!
I have read that the tape should be removed when the paint is still tacky so it doesn't rip off big chunks of paint. Which is fine by me! 
Now our back entry screams "Keep it movin'!" I am still uncertain how I am going to paint the ONE WAY. Probably looking at making letter stencil on the computer. Anyone know the correct font?
As a cool FYI, Oscar's initials are ONE, Oscar Nicholas Eichman, and in our house Oscar certainly gets his way (he gets that from his mom:) 
I also debated writing FUN WAY, but thought that was too much pressure. I don't want our guests to expect a Lovely Family Variety Show every time they visit.

P.S. Little Lovely is 31 weeks old, CUPID STYLE!

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