A Secret from The View

I watch The View every morning. Yes it's on at 10AM and yes I watch it live, most of the time. I don't work until noon most days and the days I do miss the live version I watch it on our new DVR- It's like a dream. I love all the girls- Joy, Whoopi, Sherri, Barbara and even sweet sweet Elisabeth!

This morning the show was about deals, right up my alley, and they shared a lot of information on how to get a bargain- but they shared one deal secret worth blogging about.

Drum Roll Please....


That's right. We all know what Sears has to offer...but Sears Outlet?? Who knew?

I checked it out and this is the exciting part...these deals are real, people!! I am going to show you a few examples of why Sears now has some redeeming qualities (of course, the Softer Side has always been top notch, Mom;)

Because I want you to thoroughly love our new found deal wisdom, I give you Example 1:
I know from first hand experience that the Nikon 5000 is a pretty stellar camera and at one time bought it on sale for 550.00 marked down from the 750.00 price tag...this camera is 299.99 marked down from 750.00- 60% off. The reason for this particular mark down is because the camera was a floor model. Who cares for 60% off!

Still not sold? I give you example number 2:

This Dyson Vacuum, my friends tell me Dysons are the best (which they better be for the price), was 500.00 and it is available for 159.93-349.93.  Curious? They price them based on location and the reason they can't sell them at full price...returned, refurbished, floor model, dented, scratched, etc. Each listing will give you the specifics. For nearly 70% off I'll take a refurbished Dyson- Sears still checks it out and makes sure the product is in tip top shape before reselling them.

Come on! Who's a believer?

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  1. Great find! We're going to need a new BBQ soon (maybe in time for BFF!?) so this is awesome. I do love to save!