What a Deal!

The Lovely's love a deal! For example, I am a member of a couple of 'daily deal' websites including GroopDealz for the crafter in me and Decor Steals  for the junker in me. Recently Henry jumped on my email deal band wagon and signed up for a daily hunting gear deal (he is really into becoming a bow hunter, so into it that he practices shooting his new bow in our basement. Do you think that is safe?) Apparently, the website he subscribed to has offered some really good deals lately...
Along with our (I say "our" because he said I could borrow his outfit??!!) new camo gear we also took advantage of National Painting Week and bought a trunk full of paint this weekend. Henry believes he is a victim of National Painting Week and will have to spend all of his spare moments painting. I think he is lucky that we celebrate National Painting Week- for 15.00 off a gallon- which if you buy five gallons (like we did:) that's a 75.00 savings to put toward more camouflage?!

Speaking of Henry, does anyone know where he is? 

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