National Painting Week!

We like to buy the No VOC Harmony Paint from Sherwinn- Williams and wouldn't you know it, National Painting Week is upon us. All that really means to me is we should probably buy some paint at 40% off and hop to it.
We have some big plans for Mrs. Dover White with the candlestick in the study. Ooh, I mean with the paintbrush in the Grand Room, which is what a named our newly configured entertaining room.

and more progress
We are still figuring out our switcheroo, but I sure do like seeing this little guy play while I empty the dishwasher...
Instead of this...

Happy National Painting Week! 

P.S. My homemade Dash and Albert Rug was featured on Whipper Berry today- shucks!
P.P.S. Happy 40 weeks old to Oscar!

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