Hoarder? Not Me!

I like to pride myself on finding good deals, which are only good deals if it's something we are able to put to good use. Well, somewhere in the midst of riding my junking high horse, I started developing hoarder tendencies...

Our Garage
1. Cabinets I bought on craigslist 2.5 months ago. 2. 7 kid chairs that I bought from a school that was being shut down. Some of them have 'F#%* You' carved into the seat. Awesome huh? 3. 2 Beanbag Chairs from GW (you can't see the soccer ball bean bag chair in this photo, but it's there). I bought these with plans to recover them. 4. Stack of wood out of our neighbors yard. They were going to haul it away, after their basement remodel...but not before I took my pick of pieces that I think I can put to good use. 5. A bag of trash. All of my crap is blocking the garbage can.

"I do solemnly swear that I will accomplish some of these projects before buying or dumpster diving for more junk!"

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