...hung in the kitchen with care...

Our Christmas stockings have arrived! Remember we got a smokin' good deal and got to customize our own socks. Well, I customized Oscar's, Stella's and mine). I even dug down deep and let Henry customize his own...no whining, no objections, just 100% good ol' holiday cheer;)

By the time the socks arrived the mantel real estate had been used up, so I hung our socks in the kitchen this year.
We spend a lot of time in the kitchen so the festive decor is well, festive. However, if anyone touches the stockings with greasy fingers, I'll go ape!

Love 'em! They are as cute as I hoped. The gal behind the machine is Rachel from Neapolitan Kids.
Henry, if you are reading this, I think your sock turned out great. For realz!


  1. Beautiful.I love them.Question... is that a pew for a bench? I want to do something like this in my kitchen but also want to keep it pretty inexpensive.Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Michele, 'Tis a pew. Read more... here...http://www.thelovelyresidence.blogspot.com/2011/04/pu.html

    Mandy, Thanks for the sweet comment!