Star Gazer

It moved houses, hung in multiple locations, and has become my most popular blog post. Over a year later it started looking a little droopy...
I rotated it once, but let's be serious, I just made another one with paper that matches the number art. Okay, who am I tryin' to kid, I made 2 because Henry told me Oscar likes to look at it and it is hard for him to see from his changing pad. Anything for Oscar...
As you can see, I also added some adorable dog butt hooks from Ikea. Great for sleep sacks and jackets.
Oscar held the board still and I screwed in the holes;) 

Henry was right, he loves his momma's crafts!!
For detailed instructions on crafting your own star see my original star post.

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  1. What an adorable room and adorable baby. Love watching how crafty this family is.