Gallery Wall

Gallery walls all over the World Wide Web these days and shucks, I want my own gallery wall! Who doesn't have gobs of frames laying around? I do, I do. I prepared as much as a girl like me prepares:)

Here is the space for our future gallery, naturally, right?

My preparation...I gave a few frames a coat of paint and moved all the frames to the landing.
and started hanging. Here is a tip that some, perhaps wiser, people would give you...trace all of your frames on paper and hang them on the wall first for placement. There are moments that I wished I was wiser- but who has the time? I could go into labor any minute and I had a gallery to create. So, I just started somewhere in the middle and figured it out as I went, that's what works for me.
Plan Shman...Check it out...
I included artwork from close friends and a filled a few frames with special photos.

 Empty frames? I figure, get 'em up and fill 'em later.

I plan on filling a few vacant triangle wall areas with smaller frames, cute treasures or maybe some letters. Time will tell, but at least the framework has been done (he he, get it? framework:)

psst...Due to one huge hole mishap,  I had to break out the plaster once. Only one time, so don't be afraid.

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