February's Over?

Is 28 days really a month? I am a few days late on my February report, sue me. I am kidding, you wouldn't want to waste your time, we don't really have anything of value, unless you are interested in a kid.

All things February...

Considering our girls are the 2nd child, in true form I couldn't keep up with the weekly picture. When one was awake the other was sleeping, when one was eating the other one was bawling her face off, if one girl had a clean diaper the other was sitting in a pile of.... and seriously, "where is that darn camera?" The weekly picture? Not going to happen! So I quickly switched to a monthly photo.


Seeing these pics make me a little sappy. They are growing, it's true. The days seem long; we are tired of the middle of the night routine, feeling housebound and managing our rambunctious toddler around his fragile sisters. Then I see these pictures and it reassures me that time is marching on and these gals will be playing with Oscar before we know it while Henry and I are drinking beers and re watching the Dexter series alone in the family room.

The little dude and I skipped town and hung out with our best buddies in Florida for 5 days of sunshine and swimming. Minnesota weather has been brutal, if you live here, I know you would have ditched your husband and infants too. The weather was beautiful and we had so much fun with Tui and Gina!

Waiting for the trolley.


Let me set the scene...We showed up to the beach and a little boy and his dad were working on this sand sculpture. Gina and I were forced to play defense so that our little boys wouldn't destroy their work.
 As the family was leaving, the Dad turned with a smile on his face and said "at least wait until we are in our car." These two photos were taken approximately 3 seconds apart. Animals!
The phrase of the week, "you boys are so lucky."
I know they won't remember, but I will remind them!

Back at the house, I did manage to squeeze in a project this month. My friend Steph came to visit and we took on a little removable wallpapering project in our kitchen.

Removable wallpaper is basically a huge sticker that you can re-position as many times as needed, as long as you are careful. Genius.

Aside from the big mentions, we continue to smile and encourage each other to stay positive when we are feeling tired and tired. Did I mention we are tired? The best advice we've received is to play circus music in our heads when moments get really crazy, even though I really do think this is the best kind of crazy.

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  1. We love it and all of you as well. So wonderful to see your pictures and hear the stories. You seem to have captured the essence so nicely. All