Happy Halloween

Just roll with it. 

A photo dump is in order, as requested by Auntie Valerie.

Another day couldn't go by without showing you Oscar's homemade Halloween costume.

A couple of people asked if he was a Ghostbuster?! Clearly, he is a SCUBA DIVER!

Steph dressed up the girls and took them out and about during the day. Their 6PM bedtime is not conducive to evening activities, but honestly, who doesn't want to see baby twins dressed up in cute costumes? 

Oscar was really interested in carving pumpkins this year.
Because this kept happening. 

Dad took over. 
Then we called it a day. Cutting the top off counts. Right?

A few other things going on in the Lovely Household...

It is all baby all of the time.

The gals are cruising around and getting cuter and cuter by the day. Sometimes I leave the room and when I return, I swear they grew.
Both of the girls have wildly different and adorable personalities, but they are equally manipulative...

Rosemary cries really loud with her head back and eyes closed and then peeks her little eye open to see if anyone is paying attention- then smirks. 
Eleanor throws a fit, tears and all, if Rosemary looks at her wrong (or pushes her over). When we console her she looks at her sister and smiles.
Rascally, but cute!

These girls turn ONE on Saturday. Can you believe it? We can!

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