The last time we flew on an airplane I declared, NEVER AGAIN! Then it started to get cold. Then a dear friend told me about a fantastic Mexico vacation his family took when his kids were small. Then I booked the vacation. I love a good idea....plus, we brought Stephanie and a set of grandparents. 5 adults and 3 kids is a winning combination.

The flights were fairly painless. No puke, a big victory for the Lovelys- unless you count in the terminal?! Oscar is into the ipad and the girls made their way up and down the aisles demanding lovable attention.

Then we arrived, Club Med style. For real, we went to Club Med in Ixtapa. They picked us up at the airport, they made welcome signs for our kids and greeted us with lemonade and cold towels. Hello Vacation!

 These two pictures sum up our girl's personalities.
"Do not take your eyes off of Eleanor!"

Those curls!

We beached and pooled and beached and pooled. The food and drink was fabulous, there was a special room open 24/7 full of kid snacks and drinks, the resort was swimming with kiddos and tired parents looking for a break. The convenience of being at an all inclusive resort was exactly what this party of 5 needed and this is the first vacation we have ever been on that we think we will repeat.  Of course, there was a little puke on occasion, but it wouldn't have been a Lovely Family Vacation without it! 

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