Table Top

It was a while ago when I wrote about meeting with the owner of a Sheet Metal Company about covering our dining room table. A little background on this table: I stole inherited it from an old fraternity house, where I was a Resident Adviser during Graduate School. We didn't steel inherit the matching leaves, so we cut a leaf from a friend's table to fit, making it two-tone. The solution...an Industrial Metal Top. 
You can catch up on the initial factory meeting here. I knew that relationship was going no where. So, I pursued a couple of options from local artists that clearly did not have my pocketbook's best interest at heart.

Then I found Adam, sweet sweet Artist Adam! Adam and I exchanged plenty-o-emails, sent inspiration pics back and forth, agreed on a price and signed a contract. progress! Adam lives about 2.5 hours from me, just another benefit of the World Wide Web.

He sent me samples of metal treatments...
If you must know, I did some mixing and matching. Today I received samples of hardware that will be incorporated. I am  so excited, I wanted to share. 

On occasion I throw my thrifty ways to the wind and am willing to splurge on something special- that I love (fingers crossed that I love the final product.) Stay tuned.

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