Cutified Craigslist Cabinet

I am pretty sure "cutified" is a word. So go ahead and use it if you want.

Back in February I enthusiastically wrote about some cabinets I found on craigslist. Go ahead and take a minute to catch up

They have been sitting in our garage for almost 4 months.
and we finally put one (of three) to good use. We scored the old chippy wood from our neighbors basement renovation project. Take it where you can get it!
I gave the top a good sanding and we hauled it inside.
I bought the metal file (mail) sorter for 1.00. The answer to our stacks of junk mail, bills and catalogs waiting to be read- 1 buck well spent!
You can bet there is a lot of crap hiding in this cabinet- already.
More pics to come on the progress of this room, but who's loving our new junk collector?

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  1. that is so cute and I have a whole stash of old barn wood that I am trying to figure out what I am going to do with it and this is such a great idea! I am scowering our local craigslist right now!