Busy Busy June

June was a busy month for us. 

We started my two months off with a trip to Oregon. That's right, all 5 of us on an airplane. It went exactly how you would imagine it. The girls were restless and irritable and Oscar was full of energy, trapped in the window seat. Our most memorable moment of horror was when Henry went to the bathroom, with Rosemary in arms, and Eleanor barfed all over-ALL OVER. Oscar screamed and dove to save his blankets from getting soaked with puke. Then he stood up on the seat yelling, "Henry!" "Henry!" I held back the tears of frustration when the sweet lady across the aisle handed me a tissue...seriously, lady, do you have a fire hose in your purse?!

Once we arrived in Oregon, we had a really fun time. There was a lot of snuggling- just like we like it!
Things really got kid crazy when Oscar started riding on his Grandpapa's wheel chair and would no longer walk to the park and barked out orders: "Faster!" "Get Going!" and "Into the Yogurt Shop!" 

We were home just a few days before heading to the Annual Olson Weekend of Fun. Which it was.

We signed Oscar up for soccer this summer. The sessions last for about 45 minutes and 40 of those minutes are spent chasing Oscar and Tui around and encouraging them to listen to their coaches. You will notice that they are not SUPPOSE to be on the same team, but we shortly gave up the fight and let them do whatever they want- adults lose again. Honestly, we should have just dropped those boys off in an empty field once a week and saved our money for frozen yogurt. 
This months bargain:
I bought this double baby swing at a garage sale for 4.00. Thank goodness I had twins, otherwise I would have had to pass on the swing and I love a deal!

Lastly, remember last winter when I mentioned that Oscar was also pregnant with twins? It runs in our family. They have arrived. We are happy for him. Plus, we love being Grandparents. It is true what people say, "We get to spoil them and then stuff them in a toy box."

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