May Day!

I know, I am late again. Get use to it. Did I start last months post that exact same way? 

The Lovely's are packing up and heading to Oregon tomorrow morning for a week. Yikes, right? 3 seats, 2 babies and a Toddler. Henry and I are sitting in First Class. Obviously kidding, we will each be holding a baby in one hand and a little bottle of vodka in the other- along with the rest of the passengers.

I am short on time, this is my last day at my real job for the summer and I have some real work to wrap up, quit judging, I know some of you take naps while you work, so, I am going to make this brief, bullet style!

  • Tui's Sister, Pia, was born on Mother's Day. We love her!
  • Tayton, the 9 month old neighbor boy, and Rosemary are dating
  • We started feeding the girls. You know what that means, now we have to feed them everyday
  • The weather has become magnificently beautiful- Minnesotans always mention the weather
  • The girls turned 6 months and are triple the size of their birth weight

First of Many, Pia Sandwiches

 Then there were 5!
Tayton has chosen
Okay buddy, hands off!
 Oscar is so helpful?!
 Everything takes Practice
Finally Enjoying the Outdoors


 I know, I forgot about Stella, again!

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