I know it's May

It's May, but I am going to do the unthinkable and recap April.

Are they hearty little babies or what!?
These girls! What you see is what you get. Rosemary is still no nonsense. Eleanor chatters all days long.

I thought I would give everyone a window into the girl's digs. After all, I was still able to squeak out some crafty projects while these girls were chillin' in my guts.

The room is light and bright and cozy. The green chandelier is something I painted for the junk hunt. I happened to mention that I thought it would look so adorable in a little girl's nursery, long before I was pregnant. Well, it never sold and surprise, it's in a little girl's room. Thank goodness I didn't say, "wouldn't this light be adorable in triplet girl's room."
I bought the chair on CL for 30.00, all the pics in the room are printed on good old printer paper and I traded a ski pass for those adorable curtains. You guys, these girls have brought my thrifting skills to a whole new level!
Ambition really struck me when I decided to make a mobile for one of the cribs. These little bird houses: Michael's for 1.00 each, white paint and a black Sharpie- stop it! I lost my ambition to complete the mobile, still cute on the shelf, right?
The cornice board is made of Styrofoam. I covered it with the world's cutest fabric, honestly, if you aren't smiling right now then you hate kids.
2 babies, 2 cribs. 

Tour over.

We took our first car trip to see my family for the Easter festivities. Everyone in a car seat slept on the trip there. Henry and I pretended we were on a romantic date. We really wanted coffee, but were too afraid to stop the car so we just talked, which was nice too.

The Bunny Weekend Photo Dump.

Rosemary and Victoria
 Rosemary and Caraline
Rosemary and Erica. Poor Eleanor makes it so hard to pass her around.
Ahhh, Spring!
 Girl Power.

Oscar will probably always have to be the dog in the game of house.

Aside from the special weekend with the cousins, we had some fun times at home last month. Oscar and I made some snow slides in the back yard.
Oscar and Tui had one day of sliding fun before the weather warmed up. I have big plans for next winter!

We spend the majority of our time just hanging out being cute.

A couple of people have asked about Stella, remember our Shitzu? She still lives with us and we still love her. I am thinking about a feature story in May's post.

Mom Tip!
3 things that I wish I would have had with our first:
1. Comfy Rocking Chair. Our wood rocker we used with Oscar pales in comparison. 
2. IPad. I can't even remember what I did while I was feeding Oscar for all of those hours, reading magazines?!
3. Boon Grass. They keep all of our bottles in an orderly fashion. I love it. 

Lastly, Rosemary and Eleanor's Best Friend was born yesterday, Pia. We have been waiting patiently for her to arrive. We asked Oscar, "How many sisters does Tui have?" and he said "Just one." One perfect sister. She better be prepared for a lifetime of Pia Sandwiches from the Lovely Girls.

Check out the news clip on our BFF's family. Sooo excited for our new adventures together!

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  1. The most beautiful kids on earth :) I love theirs blue eyes!