A Peek at My Junk

I have put all house projects aside in full preparation of the Junk Hunt on May 10 and 11th. My junky partner, Janette, and I each have a long list of good crap to get ready for our first big event.

Here is a little peek into what is going on at the Lovely's to prepare. Henry offered to help me for two nights this week. You read that right, he has started to put restrictions on his labor- I was afraid this day might come.

Henry found this old suitcase on the side of the road...
 and this gem came from the GW...
Nothing a little paint can't cure. Can you believe it? Paint your suitcases people!
These 6 chairs are a treasure scooped off of craigslist. I don't want to get into how I set up a propane heater in the garage without cracking a door and attempted to spray paint them despite the winter temperatures. It was a bad chemical combination and I am thankful nobody walked by with a lit ciggy. It was a bad idea.
This chandy was left behind by the previous owners and has been camped out in the basement for 2 years, it was brass. I am a little afraid I might have a baby girl and regret giving up this Apple Green Chandy because it would be so precious in a sweet little nursery. P.S. I am not prego.
We are planning on sending these uber adorable succulents home with all of our customers for 5 bones.
I will continue to lure you in with our junk in the coming weeks.

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