Chandy x2

I have been eyeballing some shiny chandeliers and making plans to convert and hang them in our big room as a fancy pants light source. The Lovely's are nothing but fancy.
You can see in these pics the lamps that I regretfully purchased a short 2 years ago.
These lamps are a product of my rash and impulsive phase.
I found some affordable sparkly chandeliers at gallery802 and ordered 2. They arrived in pieces and wired for a ceiling mount.
I bought some swag light kits at HD so we could rewire and plug them in, no electrician needed. 
This little change made a huge difference. This was the finishing touch that the room needed.
The shinier the better. 
Why don't they make energy efficient chandelier bulbs?


  1. I agree with you, the chandeliers complete the room! They are really beautiful! The photo of your family dressed up is both amusing and cute!

  2. They do make CFL in a candelabra! They are nowhere near pretty, but we have them in ours over our breakfast table. They grow on you, though. Kind of a modern twist.