Hoppy Easter!

Celebrating has become more and more fun through the eyes of the kiddos. The Lovely's gathered with my family for Easter and since my sister, Valerie, is a seasoned Easter Bunny, she took the reins and packed the Easter baskets to the brims, purchased the kid friendly plastic eggs and coordinated our new wooden egg tradition. Each kiddo decorates a wood egg a year for some good old fashion childhood development observations. Here is hoping that Oscar never decorates his egg with drawings of guns and blood! 

This year we painted the eggs.
 Then applied stickers.
 Oscar stuck tight to the animal stickers.
Can you say "spoiled?"
I captured this photo in between toddler tackles. FYI, that is a hug. Oscar doesn't use his arms to hug, too much trouble.

So much fun at Grammy Kay's.

...and Bounce World
Hope your Easter was as chocolatey as ours!

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