The Cottage in Modern Cottage

If you haven't booked your trip to visit us yet. That's a good thing because we are not ready for you. But, we are getting closer.

This is what our guest room looked like 2 weeks ago.
This is what our guest room looked like 2 weeks ago after I got a bee in my bonnet and ripped up the carpet.
Not only did I think a new floor would be a good idea, I thought a panel wall would add some cute texture. We bought this paneling at HD for 16.00 total. It is kind of like the wood (if you can call it that) you would find on the back of a dresser. Since we were planning on painting it the price was exactly right.
So you don't tell your hubby everyday that he should consider himself lucky he didn't marry me, I will have you know that I single-handedly made an arrangement with our neighbor guy to help Henry hang our new panel wall...in exchange for Henry's help laying his entryway's subfloor! Chores are always more fun with a friend:)
Here is some proof that I don't just point fingers, shop on the internet and boss around the neighborhood- I posed for this picture, cute outfit and all!
I painted the room with one coat of primer that we had in the basement, then Dover White, which wasn't working with the white ceiling. Then I mixed two partial cans of white paints we had in the basement and gave the room another coat. After it dried I didn't think it jived with the white on the ceiling either..so I painted a 4th and final coat with...wait for it...White Primer. Is that legal? I love the crisp white and I love that I didn't spend a dime on paint.
 This is the cottage is our Modern Cottage Guest Room.
Eyes on the prize:

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