Little Kitchen Update

When I say little kitchen, I mean little kitchen.

I found this little kitchen at a church rummage sale. I think the church was going out of business. Does that happen? Lucky Oscar, I paid 20.00 for the range and the fridge. 
The linoleum top and guts (can you see it through the little oven window) and the color blocking paint job was not really my Oscar's speed, we were far more interested in the good bones.

So I made few upgrades. 
Henry cut a 6.00 new top with a hole for the 12.00 bowl sink. The knobs are .30 (a cool 1.50) wood wheels that spin around and the burners are 6 in. wood craft rings for 1.20 each (that's 4.80) that I sprayed black. For a total of 44.30, a bargain if I do say so myself.
I painted all the nooks and crannies and dug through the recycling bin to stock the pantry.
We made sure to pay special attention to a safe kitchen interior. I am willing to bet money that there will be a little boy that likes to crawl inside his kitchen in our future. We made sure nothing was poking around inside, including cutting off the faucet pipe and gorilla gluing it to the counter top. 
We hauled the kitchen upstairs from the basement while Oscar was sleeping and after breakfast he wandered in to the playroom to play trains, he saw the kitchen and gave a breathy "huh" with a little smirk on his face. Believe me, it was sweet. Bon Appetite!

P.S. We are not sure if the fridge will ever make an appearance, so if you are looking for one, it's in our basement.


  1. So cute, Team Lovely does it again!

  2. So cute! I love a good rummage sale deal-- especially one that turns out as well as yours did! I doubt the church was going out of business though... often churches have rummage sales to raise money for different activities by selling things that people donate. :) So the good news is, they'll probably have one again in the future! Whoop whoop!

    1. When I say rummage sale, I meant going out of business sale. They were selling all of their pews, church robes and nursery toys. Thanks for the sweet message.