Play Time in the Playroom

I finished the playroom, and I use the word finished loosely, as always. We don't need to win a stinking contest to get things done, even though it would be nice...I just get so tired.

Believe me when I say, we moved the mess somewhere else.
We took off the doors and added some paint. I am happy to say we are eliminating the builders beige one room at a time. The little dude does not like being shut out.
After. This is the third and happy home for the gray rug.
After. The wire shelf did not magically grow, we had bigger-taller version in the basement.
and more afters.
A cozy little nook for the grown ups to drink coffee and read the paper. I sewed the cushion cover myself, so no close up photos allowed. Take my word for it, the fabric is ant maze. So cute. I had the cushion from our pew in the kitchen, their was a problem with the first one I ordered, so the co. let me keep it for free. whoop! whoop!
Lots of storage makes Momma Lovely happy.
All there is left to do is play.
The bright and sunny space has been working out perfectly for our bright and sunny boy. 


  1. Fantastic transformation! And so great to have a space dedicated to mess-making and play time. Yay!

  2. What a cheerful and cozy playroom. It is the perfect space. I love all the colors you used.

  3. Yep kids can bring a mess into the room but they also bring lots of joys and happiness to every home. Thanks for giving me a bright idea to put away the toys. I love the playroom, so cute! You can try adding some colorful Wall Decals