It's all in the Fabric & Paint

I recently wrote this post to prep myself for curtain sewing and curtain sewing I did.
The fabric is St. Charles Bouquet and I followed this tutorial from Miss Mustard Seed's Blog for the floor length curtains. I just recovered my Styrofoam cornice boards to match. Here is what they look like without fabric pinned on them.
I wrap the Styrofoam like presents and secure it with pins. The wood blocks are so the Styrofoam sits on top of the window molding at the correct height. The plaid fabric wedged under the wood block is from the first time around. I also stick a little piece of poster putty under the wood block to keep it snug on the window frame.
Here is a before picture of the room. This is a serious before and after moment for me.
I love how this room has evolved.

It's all in the paint and the fabric...and the accessories and my super cute custom table. I just love it. If I could marry a room, I would marry this room. Well, this room with different light fixtures (wink wink).


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  2. I love your cornices and plan to do this myself. Quick question - how did you attach the wood block to the styrofoam and then attach the whole cornice to the window frame - or is it just resting on the top of the window frame with poster putty attached?

    1. Kelly, We have molding around our windows, so the wood block is sitting on the window frame with a little help from poster putty.