Winter Cheer

Here are some snap shots of our days leading up to the holidays. 

Tree Decorating

Next year I might just get out the box of ornaments and forget the tree.

The cookies you see in the above photo are the totality of all the cookies I baked this year and more than I baked last year, which was zero. Just enough for Oscar's attention span and to hoping I will be able to button my jeans in January.

Thankfully, I entered a blogger's cookie contest...and WON! I love winning. Tia from aMUSEing is whimsy, loves using abbreves and features fantastic recipes. The package of trail mix cookies arrived at 5:00PM, Oscar and I mixed up the dough at 5:05PM and were eating cookies by 5:17PM. 
Is there such thing as a photo of a finished cookie? The cookies are gone.


Oscar's first romp in the snow was a blast. He giggled the whole time. I am wondering why they don't make toddler mittens that you can pull up to their elbows?!

One thing we appreciate most about the season is making a conscious effort to just hang out together!

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