Tree Hunting, Santa and Goats

Considering we won't be at home for Christmas this year I wasn't really interested in setting up a tree. Can you believe it? Plain old lazy.

Henry had other ideas and I was easily convinced. He bought a Superior National Forest tree tag for 5.00 and got out the maps to locate where we would be travelling for our tree. We drove over an hour (I wasn't thrilled about that part) to find the perfect tree.

Once we arrived the day got better. The weather was warm and we were all happy to be outside.

 Especially Stella.

Our scraggly forest tree.
There are a few reasons I don't like to wear Oscar on my back. First, he is heavy and it hurts my shoulders. Second, he always pulls my hair- in this case the hat off my head.

Then Stella wrestles with my hat and it gets all wet.
I was feeling sick so at this point...I was smiling...but I was not happy!

We loaded up the tree and the day got brighter when we spotted a place to stop and see Santa and goats.

The day got better for me...but took a turn for the worse for Oscar.

Santa can't trick our boy. There was no way he was sitting on that man's lap. Ho Ho Not a Chance!
He wasn't interested in the goats either.
Oscar has never been so excited to get back into his car seat!

A look back at Santa 2011.
Santa Tui is way more Oscar's speed.

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