Thanksgiving at the Ranch

The Eichman's flew to Colorado for Thanksgiving. Henry's Grandparents live on a ranch in Eastern Colorado and Henry was dying to introduce the smallest Eichman to his Great Grandparents. 
Uncle Zach and Papa were a bonus. {I must note that Henry packed Oscar's suitcase and when I rifled through it before they left I pared down the plaid collar shirts from 4 to 2, seriously!}

I sent the camera along and told Henry to document everything. Like a good husband, for the love of his family and because he secretly loves being featured on my blog he took lots of pictures.
Oscar is passionate about all things with wheels
Oscar is also passionate about his Great Grandpa letting him drive large machinery

Put a boy in a huge tire and good luck getting him out

Looking at tractors with Great Uncle Bob
This is Princey
This is Princey's house
This is one lucky little boy

Heading out to feed cattle
Uncle Zach holding my baby a little too close to the hungry cattle

This place is Oscar's Disney World
The whole gang
I asked Henry who took the last picture and he said he set up the camera with a timer. I think it is adorable that he squeezed in the middle of the crew for the picture...totally something I would do!

Have you been wondering about Momma Lovely? I didn't go to Colorado because we are going to see Henry's family in Oregon for Christmas and I wanted to spend some time with the Olson's, who I didn't bother to snap one single picture of. Believe me, we had just as much fun and they are all super cute.


  1. Thank you for sharing these, Nikki! Love the commentary, as usual, and Henry did a great job as photographer. And Oscar?? OMG TOO CUTE!! I can't wait to see him next month.
    Love to you all,

  2. Oscar is surely the luckiest boy in the world with so much attention from so many adults.