Toy Box

We were given this toy box...
Since it wasn't really my style (therefore, none of the Lovely's style:), I thought I would dress it up with some paint and give it as a gift to our lovable, squeezable niece, Caraline.
I concocted a plan, and by that I mean, found an image to copy on the world wide web. I worked on tracing and taping and painting off and on for about two weeks. Last night I hauled the box up from the basement for the big reveal (to Oscar and Henry)...you can imagine the excitement and the lack of "whoop whoops!"
It wasn't hard work, it was tedious work. You know about me and details. 
I traced a square tile that was sitting on our basement shelf. The pattern is nothing fancy, just a bunch of diamonds that I taped off, bit by bit.
Patience, Patience, Patience...
I bought the circle and the 'C' from Michael's for 3.00 and stuck it together with Gorilla GlueI used a black paint pen that I bought for 1.00 for the lines, but I would recommend using a good old black sharpie if you are going to try this project- especially if you have one on hand.
Of course, all this paint was sitting on a shelf in our basement so the project you see here cost a whopping 4.00!
Lucky Cousin Oscar gets to play with this pretty toy box until the Thanksgiving Day delivery.

If Caraline doesn't love the snot out of this toy box, I am giving it to some other kid that's name starts with a C. 

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  1. Oooh! Chloe and Cole would love it!!! So cute! Nice work!