I have 18 yards of fabric fresh from the bolts waiting to be transformed into curtains. In preparation for The Lovely's Curtain Making Bonanza...it's a real thing and it's happening this Saturday...I have been combing the world wide web for various curtain making styles and tips.

Enjoy and keep your eyes on the curtains.

You can find the tutorial on how to make this style of curtain here.
Here is a version of the fake roman shade and tutorial by YHL.
It's all about the looks with these shorty curtain rods.
Sweet and simple hanky curtain.

For a really fun time take a looky at the shower curtains! Why don't people do this?

One thing I know for sure is that I am going to give the no-sew method a shot for the first time by following this tutorial. Any other curtain making tips? Speak up!


  1. How exciting! I tried the hem tape on a project once, and it didn't perform as well as I wanted. However, that was a long time ago so maybe the product has improved. It might also depend on your fabric (it won't stick very well to something with a lot of texture). I'll be super excited to see how everything turns out! I bet it will be lovely...snicker, snicker ;)

  2. Actually I just made a diy roller shade last weekend with my mom.


    I think it turned out cute. Can't wait to see your curtain project!