Please Cancel That Order

I haven't been making lightening fast progress on the playroom. Actually there is no major progress to report at all, but I have some ideas.

I want to move our big grey rug that is currently in the family room into the playroom.
It fits tightly in one half of the playroom and it is a little stained up already, so I think it is a good move for this big guy. Which means, I need to find a new rug for the family area. Poor me. 

Our rug criteria should be strong enough to withstand drinking liquids of all colors, eating, reading, walking with shoes on our feet, diaper changing and let's not forget the not always tidy four legged Lovely. The rug also needs to be cute.

My online rug shopping has been a little rocky this week. 

On Monday I ordered this rug.
It was late at night, there was a 75% off sale and I loved the turquoise. As soon as I bought it I knew it wasn't my best move because of the criteria listed above. I slept on it and asked Henry what he thought in the AM. He confirmed that it was a terrible idea, so I cancelled it Tuesday AM. 

On Tuesday PM I ordered this rug.
After my AM cancellation I was getting antsy so I purchased this quickly before running to a meeting at 4PM. I liked the colors, it's wool and it was reasonably priced from overstock.com. When I got home at 6:30PM I showed Henry a picture. Again, he expressed his concerns about the light colors and expressed that it was a bad decision. So, I canceled the order.

Now it's Wednesday and I am still on the rug hunt. I am leaning toward FLOR.COM options. Here are some of my faves.


I could go on and on. I think FLOR carpet squares might be the answer to our high traffic family living space. Clearly Henry has an opinion about this rug choice, so I am slowing this rug train down and we will make a slow and methodical decision together, but only after we order samples and labor over the price and the appropriate size. Fun times, no?

Here are 5 reasons I think this might be the best option for us:
1. If I spill my 'Affair in Red Square' fingernail polish on one of the tiles we can just replace it.
2. Lots of textures or patterns will hide the mud from Stella's muddy paws.
3. We can order the exact size that we want.
4. Someday when I am tired of this rug (which will be a long long time;) we can split it up or send it back for free to be recycled.
5. It is made in the USA

If you just got itchy to buy your own rug from FLOR I found a 15% off coupon online {15FALL12F}

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