Dining Table and Chairs

When we moved into our house almost 2 years ago this is what our dining room looked like.
The table and chairs are right where they belong, in the room that was designed for dining and entertaining. This set up didn't work for our family. We were looking to lounge and this seemed to be the best space, after all it's right off the kitchen and sometimes I need ice cream- and I need it NOW!

So we shoved the dining table into the other half of the house.
The move has been great for us. We spend the majority of our time in the kitchen and the family room (formerly the dining room) and have been able to concentrate on making this half of our house a more sophisticated, adult friendly space. Which is exactly what we are...sophisticated and adults:)

In an effort to do that I had a table custom made and I was wild about it.
You can read all about the table here. What I have not shared with you is that the table top went awry. The rust continued to eat through the metal and the entire top became somewhat of a rusty hazard. You can imagine my panic. It happened slowly I am sure, but it was about a month after we owned it that one day it was really apparent that the table was no longer functional.

I called the artist and we made arrangements to get it back in his hands so he could fix it and then get it back in our hands. There was no yelling or swearing, just good old fashion conflict management. The table is now back in our dining room where it belongs, with a little different feel.
I think there was some stripping and toxic chemicals involved in the transformation. I didn't ask, but I love it more than ever.

To celebrate I finally recovered the chairs. I don't like to use the word reupholster, because that sounds much to complicated for this job.
I simply tipped the chairs over on the table and screwed off the seat with a screw driver, nothing fancy people!
Typically I just wrap it like a little present, staple gun it and screw it back on the chair. As you can see, I have done this four times and the corners were becoming bulky with fabric, so I removed a couple layers before I stapled on the new stuff.

Ooh. Ahh.
{Funny little story about this fabric...I found this design along with a coordinate fabric that will be curtains soon- and I ordered samples. Yup, patting myself on the back. I received the samples, loved the samples and while I was waiting for my next credit card cycle to order the fabric, the famous blog Young House Love did a post and featured this particular fabric. These particular bloggers are so famous that when I went to order the fabric- it was sold out...EVERYWHERE! Apparently, these folks are the Oprah of home decorating. I finally hunted down a couple of yards and paid top dollar because by this point my heart was set on it and I had to have it!}
Now I am dying to have a dinner party.
Scratch that. I am dying to have a potluck!


  1. Maby that little rain (u posted about that when the new table came to ur home) was the maker of that rusty mess? :) Guilty!

  2. I think it is time to sand down those chairs and give it a new coat of lacquer.