'Twas 10 Days Before Christmas

and all through our pad the Olson's were stirring and Henry was in plaid.
Henry and Victoria
The holidays get complicated with spouses, partners and in- laws- but nothing scares the Olson's! We gathered early for our holiday family fun. One of the Lovely's favorite things is packing our house to the brim; we like a person in every nook and cranny.

Saturday AM we strapped everyone in their car seats and took off to the aquarium. Smart move says me. Sadly, it's not often that the Duluth Aquarium is over flowing with visitors, which is great for our crew because we had the run of the place!

Allow me to introduce all of the kiddos.

This is Caraline, she was the first Olson offspring and we smother her with snuggles every time we see her!
Meet Erica. She is a new addition to my brother, Casey's, family.
Tessa is Erica's big sister and Caraline's new best buddy. We love the new energy and the instant gratification. None of the Olson's are very patient so this worked out great for us!
 Here's the little dude. He thinks he owns this place!
Just in time for the diver to feed the fish.
The water feature is always a favorite. We can't take one eyeball off of Oscar or he makes a break for the boats!
I am sure you've met Valerie, Oscar's favorite Aunt, but Baby Victoria is the real show stopper of this pair. She is sweet, smiley and thankfully- laid back.
 Safety first, girls.
Nice catch.

This is Tracy, Erica and Tessa's Mom and Casey's ssssuper special friend. wink! wink!
We had to tackle the smallest Lovely for a family shot. He had fish to see!
The morning went swimmingly! After the aquarium everyone under 3 feet tall took a two hour nap. That deserves repeating...After the aquarium everyone under 3 feet tall took a two hour nap. Then it was time for presents.

Dolls for everyone! Three of the little people are really into babies. One of the little people would only touch their baby with one finger.
Erica happily fed and nurtured Oscar's baby while he vacuumed, fair enough!
Grammy Kay just wraps around the hanger so she can hang them up until everyone's jammies are ready for wearing...
Even Victoria is wild about her new pjs...

All the kiddos got a car in their stocking. The best part of the weekend for Oscar was when all of the girls left their cars behind. He carried all 5 of them around Sunday afternoon. This little boy loves things that go vroom!
How times have changed...I love the chaos and tenderness these little people bring to the holidays.

 Love. These. Girls.
'Tis the Season for little giggles, baby dolls and Lake Superior trout!

P.S. Not a pic of Grammy! Sorry mom. I did get some snapshots of her wallpapering our bathroom though, that I will share soon;) That's right, WALLPAPER.

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