Merry and Happy

Am I too late to give a hearty Merry Christmas and Happy New Year? Never!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
 (Grandpa Don, Mrs. Lovely, Oscar, Mr. Lovely, Oma, Great Aunt Mel, Great Uncle Barney, Uncle Zach) 
(Nana, Uncle Zach, Mr. Lovely, Papa, Oscar, Mrs. Lovely)

 Fun and Fun
Our new New Year's Meal Tradition! Can you believe Oscar is sitting in his own "big boy" chair? We indulged and chatted about highlights from 2012 and what we are looking forward to in 2013. 
We feel so blessed for our health, our family and friends and most of all each other! 

I am already clicking my heels together for all the great things we have planned in 2013...

- Continuing to watch Oscar grow. He is starting to talk, so stinking cute. A couple of days ago he said "Caraline" when he saw her picture. Melts my heart.
- I am going on the Lake Superior Circle Tour with some of my best girlfriends.
- My BFF is getting married in August and I can't wait to celebrate the snot out of her.
- The Lovely's are road tripping back to Oregon in July...for a long vacation on the coast.
- House plans (decorating, rearranging and creating) are always on the mind. Big goals include fencing in our backyard, finishing starting Oscar's playroom and tackling our bathroom ventilation issues.
- Fingers crossed...this could be the year we pay off Henry's student loan, I am going to chop away at that sucker! (we paid off mine early in 2012, feels good to own my education) 
- Henry is thrilled to have started volunteering with Courage Duluth, a program where he helps folks ski the slopes with adaptive equipment.
- Continuing to nurture all of our family and wonderful friends.

May the new year bring all of you lots of happiness and snuggles from the ones you love!

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