The Lovely Queen Anne

I spotted a chair on a local auction site and I was determined to win it. Which, I knew I would because I would bid the highest, within reason, because it is capital P-erfect for our house.

Henry set the alarm on his phone and 5 minutes left on the auction we paused our movie to swoop in on the bidding process. I was nervous and Henry peering over my shoulder did not help. Turns out my first and last bid of 60.00 won me The Queen.
In order to make it fit, we had to do some rearranging, again, which is actually better for the boy's crazy wagon rides around our house circle.
From the pics on the auction site, I was a little nervous about the integrity of the seat. It looked a little springy to me. I loved it so much for this room that I was willing to take a chance. Turns out the fabric has some circle imprints and the chair is as cozy as a duck's nest. Maybe somebody stored a bunch of salad plates on the chair before deciding to sell??
This chair belongs in this room. Welcome Home Blue Chair, Welcome Home!
The big school house map use to live in Henry's office and before that Henry's office, before we moved him. It's all coming together, everything take practice.
There is no way I was letting him bust in on my new chair shots...and there is that wagon that wrinkles my rugs! 


  1. Love it!!! That room has come together so beautifully =)

  2. Looks perfect - the chair and the whole room. Nice job