ALS Auction Take 2

Guess who signed up to donate another piece of furniture to the ALS Auction, this time taking place in Duluth? That's right, this girl...and Henry!

Read here why supporting ALS Research is an important cause to us.

It is difficult for us to dedicate a lot of our time volunteering for events but we love being able to share our talents to benefit a great cause.

We found this beauty at the GW for 30.00. I think 30 bones is a little steep for this cabinet, but we were running short on time and my transformation vision was solid so we loaded it up...and it sat in the back of the truck for a week before I snapped this shot.

I am excited to share how we spruce up this 1980's console/media stand/buffet cabinet. 1980's, right?

Here is a reminder of our first ALS Auction donation.
You can read more about the dresser transformation process here.

Curing ALS one piece of furniture at a time!

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