Rug Hunt Success

After ordering and then cancelling 2 rugs. I slowed down my spunky 'put in cart' and 'purchase' finger. I searched and searched and knew it when I saw it, I sent the link to Henry and then I ordered it. It was all very calculated and mature. We received the rug a short 5 days after ordering it and I am happy to say it was worth slowing things down a little and making a rational decision.

Trying to unroll our new rug...
and here we are the next morning, completely covering the rug...
I was finally able to get some good shots this morning.
The before.
I wanted something more traditional, primarily blue to tie in with the rest of the house, and preferably wool.  Check, Check and Check. 
A few bonus features is that it hides cereal pieces really well, we love how it makes the wood floors pop, it is a whopping 8x10 from o.co so shipping was free, love that. 

If only that cute little vacuum sucked junk up... 
Is it any wonder my blogging career has taken a hit? These boys are always up in my business.
See what I mean...

Here is the link to the rug and it is nearly 100.00 more than what I purchased it for a week ago, so lucky!

This picture is for o.co customers who would like to see a more accurate representation of the color


  1. "Don't you just love it" is my new favorite photo of Henry! Beautiful rug - a classic you can hang on to forever!